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Gta Iv Fix Rar 14 [2022]




I have a harddrive that keeps getting remounted read-only touche: remount it as rw I tried that, it didn't work not sure why it would do that, it's a 10,000GB disk and I'm not writing anything to it touche: Is it sata? IOW does it have a hard drive that you are changing. See'sudo fdisk -lu'and the last line be listed as /dev/sda, there may be a difference. Bashing-om: it's a usb disk, yeah touche: K, though the system would not see it like that. I can't find anything wrong with the disk, fsck.reiserfs seems to think everything is fine only the top hundred or so blocks of the disk seem to be corrupted it's a brand new disk I was reading something about fsck.reiserfs, but I'm not sure if it has anything to do with this problem. I have no idea how to use it touche: If you are re-partitioning the disk what is the target for the partitioning. Windows will assume the C drive and delete all the data from your ubuntu partition. I'm not partitioning it, I'm just using dd to write to it I can't see anything obviously wrong with the disk, I don't think it's damaged touche: Then that would be my next suggestion.. But do you have a file system of type NTFS to do the read/write operation? it's actually ext4, but that's the same, right? touche: not sure. I do not recall that reiserfs is of the same kind. Do you get any indication as to what reiser is doing? Bashing-om: I've been trying to understand how it works and to see if I can fix this, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at in fdisk




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Gta Iv Fix Rar 14 [2022]

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